Our Members

China Building Decoration Association

China Building Decoration Association, the unique official authorized association in China's building decoration industry, has hundreds of thousands of designers and decoration engineering companies in membership, which ensure the great resource of quality visitors.


Chinese Society of Interior Designers

CSID in the Republic of China Interior Design Association, May 5, 1979 was established in Taipei, Taiwan over the best practice by the interior designer, after review by the works of individual identity to become a member, and another indoor building materials and equipment manufacturers to participate in group membership Association, CSID set up the field of interior design in Taiwan to date professional and academic development, have far-reaching impact and contribution from the 1989 CSID is the sole representative of Taiwan's participation in international design organizations, professional groups, active in the "international Interior design architects teacher group Alliance "IFI," Asia-Pacific Space designers Association "APSDA professional bodies and other international organizations and the three places, CSID members also frequently works in the international competition award, received by the mass media attention and coverage.


Design Institute of Australia

The Design Institute of Australia (DIA) is Australia's professional membership body for designers and design businesses.


Designers Institute of New Zealand

The Designers Institute of New Zealand Inc. was formed in 1991 by the merger of the New Zealand Society of Industrial Designers (formed 1960), and the New Zealand Association of Interior Designers (formed 1968). Today the Designers Institute represents graphic design, spatial design, industrial design, craft design, design education, design management and interactive media.


Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID)

The Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) is the apex body for the field of Interior Design in India. The IIID was founded and registered as a society in 1972 to establish good professional and trade practices and ethics amongst its members, highlight and enhance the image of the Interior Design Profession and create a platform for knowledge sharing with similar organizations.


Indonesian Society of Interior Designers

As a carrier of communication, consultation and coordination among members (designer), between associations with similar associations at home and abroad, with the Construction Service Development Agency (LPJKN), with the Government, and with the universities concerned. As Partners Government of the Republic of Indonesia in order to develop and enhance the role and construction services in the field of interior design contribute to economic growth in Indonesia. Develop professional interior designers in Indonesia towards the aspired. Communicate with the College of Interior Design in order to be sustainable between education and the world of work in the field of interior design.


Hong Kong Interior Design Association

HKIDA is a national, non-governmental, non profit-making association of the interior professions, made up of professional designers, contractors, suppliers and other related bodies in the industry of Interior Architecture.


Interior Design Confederation Singapore

The Interior Design Confederation (Singapore) or IDC(S) is a non-profit organisation and a registered society under Singapore law.


Japan Interior Designers Association

Japan Interior Designers' Association (JID) was founded in 1958 as a national association to represent the interests of the interior designers in Japan. Since then, JID has been dealing with the professional, cultural, and legal interests of the interior design profession supporting and promoting the realization of the modern design.


Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association

Japan Association of Commercial Design (JCD) is specialized in the design profession to establish a business environment, improving the quality of the environment for commercial activities related to urban society and as there's communication, founded in 1961. The Institute was established in 1963. JCD, interior designers, architects, space producers, planners, lighting designers, graphic designers, and creators of the area is composed of a wide range of spatial design. Design Awards, symposiums, educational activities, research activities, seminars, journal publications, and publishing activities of not only Japan has a major influence on the international design world.


Korean Society of Interior Designers


MIID (Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers)

Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID) was established in 1990 with the purpose of coordinating the activities of interior designers. It aims to maintain high standards in education, professional practice and communication with statutory bodies and private sectors in related fields. It provides contacts with industry, design organisations and individual designers in this country and overseas. -Brief of Institute-Its purpose is to co-ordinate the activities of interior designers. It's an organisation established to maintain high standards in education, professional practice and communication with statutory bodies and private sectors in related fields. It provides contact with industries, design organisations and individual designers in the country and overseas.


Philippine Institute of Interior Designers

To maintain the standards of Interior Design at a globally professional level, that is politically and ideologically neutral; while strengthening the recognition for the designation of the interior designers' scope of professional services in providing suitable psychological & physiological well being of men.


Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers

As a Class A association in Shenzhen, our purpose is to pull together all interior designers for promotion of academic research, design level, communication and cooperation among national and international interior designers; hold together all the interior designers as a joint force; consolidate and enhance the influence of Shenzhen interior designers in the whole nation; play the roles of services, communications, coordination and supervision so as to serve all the interior designers, interior decoration firms and consumers; as a bridge and connection between the government and interior designers, we offer professional advice and proposals for government decision-making process. Besides, we assist the government in standardizing the management and certification of decorating firms and practitioners, thus promoting the R & D and application of new materials, new process and new standards, which may ensure the healthy, orderly and speedy development of the interior design sector.


Thailand Interior Designers Association

The role and functions. The interior of the country have shown a clear role in society. The ideal is to maintain the public's trust and their institutions both within and outside the association has many activities that promote professional growth and development to continue in order to benefit society and the nation. As well as policies that promote the fellowship and the ethics of viewing. To be a prestigious profession. With elegance. A leader in creative arts, architecture, culture and civilization of the country forever. The Association of Interior of Thailand to act as agents. Brawling of professionals in architecture and decorative arts. And the Principal will make progress in all aspects of this profession and the professional organizations to research and establish standards for the profession.